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Dr Maneesh Dhupper


Consultant - Vitreo-Retina Services

Dr Maneesh Dhupper


Consultant - Vitreo-Retina Services

Doctor Details

Dr. Maneesh Dhupper completed his MBBS from Govt. Stanley Medical College, Chennai in 2001 following which he did his Junior residency at LNJP Hospital, Delhi and Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi till 2005. He did his Post Graduation from Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun in 2008 followed by 1 year of Senior Residency from Guru Ram Rai Medical College, Dehradun. He joined the prestigious Sankara Netralaya, Chennai as a research fellow in Vitreo-Retina Department in 2009 and completed his 6 months of research fellowship and 2 years of Retina Fellowship in 2011. He worked as a Senior Resident in Vitreo-Retina Department at the Institute for 6 months. 

 In Nov 2011, he joined Vasan Eye Care Hospitals, Delhi as a Vitreo-Retina Consultant and worked for a period of 4 years till 2015. In 2015 he joined EyeQ Superspecialty Hospitals and shifted his base to Hisar, Haryana. Now, at GNH he is providing state of the art Retina Services which includes management of Diabetic Retinopathy, Uveitis, Retinal Detachment and complex retinal surgeries, Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Screening and management services, Retinal lasers and various latest diagnostic procedures.  Along with this he is also extending his services to adjacent cities of Fatehabad, Jind, Bhiwani and Narwana. 

His areas of interest include particularly diabetic retinopathy and Retinopathy of prematurity. He has the first to start a dedicated retina setup in Hisar and has roped in various pediatric units in and around the city for an extensive ROP screening and management program

He has multiple papers in various indexed journals and presentations in various national and state level conferences to his name.

Publicatons and Presentations

Webinar on Management on nAMD: Unmet needs in June 2020
  • Paper: Role of t-PA in management of macular hemorrhage, at HIOS in Jan 2020
  • Paper: Retina and its disorders, at HIOS in Jan 2020
  • Paper: Role of Pediatricians and Ophthalmologists in Management of ROP, at IAP, Hisar Chapter in October 2019
  • Paper: FFA & Laser in Diabetic Retinopathy, at HOS, Sept 2019
  • Paper: Management of Uveitis: Beyond Steroids, HIOS , Hisar in Aug 2019
  • Paper: Optic Neuritis: An atypical presentation, at Haryana Retinal Forum, Aug 2019
  • Instruction Course: OCT in Diabetic Retinopathy at Ophthaquest, Gurugram in July 2018 
  • Paper: Why steroids in Diabetic Macular Edema, Gurugram in Mar 2018
  • Paper: Vitreous Hemorrhage with PVD at AIOS-ARC, Gurugram in Jan 2018
  • Paper: Retinopathy of Prematurity and its management at HIOS, June 2016
  • Article-“Clinicohistopathological Correlation of Malignant Melanoma of Choroid in Indian Population: A study of 113 cases” in Oman Journal of Ophthalmology in March 2012 
  • Article-“ Retinal Artery Occlusion in the Young- A clinical Profile in Indian population” in Indian Journal of Ophthalmology in April 2012
  • Paper: Role of Anti-VEGF in refractory non-infectious Uveitic CME in Chennai, Sept 2012
  • Paper- “Clinicohistopathological Correlation of Malignant Melanoma of Choroid in Indian Population: A study of 113 cases” at AIOS 2011
  • Paper- “Clinical Profile and Imaging Characteristics of Posterior Scleritis: An update at AIOS 2011
  • Poster-“RAP lesion after Macular hole Surgery“ at VRSI 2011
  • Article-“Homocysteinethiolactone and Paraoxonase: novel markers of diabetic retinopathy” in Diabetes Care September 2010 issue
  • Poster-“Retinal Artery Occlusion in the Young- A clinical Profile in Indian population” at AIOS 2010
  • Paper: 20 Gauge sutureless Vitrectomy in Chennai, Apr 2010
  • Article-“Adenocystic Carcinoma” in Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, August 2008
  • Article-“Parinaud Syndrome” in Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, April 2007
  • Article-“Optic Neuritis” in Uttaranchal Journal of Ophthalmology , Dec 2006
  • Article-“HAART therapy in HIV” in Uttaranchal Journal of Ophthalmology , Dec 2006
  • Poster “Ocular Morbidity Pattern among the People of Gharwal region of Uttaranchal “ at Annual Conference of Delhi Ophthalmological Society, April 2006
    • Poster “Futurophthalmics” at Annual Conference of Uttaranchal State Ophthalmological Society, Nov 2005


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    Dr. Adrash Bhargava has given consultantation and services to more than 2 lac patients regarding obstetrical and gynecological problems. She specialization in fertility, menopausal and high risk pregnancies problems. She is well known for efficient handling of all major and minor gynecological and obstetrical surgeries. She has more than 50 National and International publication to her credit. She has also authored chapter for more than 10 academic books. She was Instrumental in developing stem cell project in SMS Medical college. She has worked as nodal officer for research in reproductive biology of ICMR. She has also been awarded by Rajasthan State Government.

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